From fossils to bioeconomy –
UPM Biofore exhibition

This summer, Verla’s bale warehouse has been turned into UPM Biofore exhibition. In the warehouse, UPM’s numerous bioinnovations can be admired in an idyllic summery milieu. You can see, for example, Biofore tea house that embodies modern wood-based design and Biofore concept car in which oil-based materials are replaced with renewable biomaterials.

Welcome to check out our bioinnovations! The exhibition is free of charge and open according to Verla opening hours.

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Biofore concept car

Biofore concept car is an excellent example of harnessing bio-based innovations to practical purposes.
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Biofore tea house

Biofore tea house represents various design possibilities that biomaterials enable.
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The exhibition is open 16.5.–31.8.2019.

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